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Compact Roto Sonic XL 140

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The CompactRotoSonic crawler XL140 (CRS XL140) is built to perform in the most challenging and diverse working conditions. Thanks to its size, the machine is easy to manoeuvre, even in smaller spaces. A separate swivel allows drilling with fluid, foam or air support. With the CRS XL140, you can also use SPT.

  • A separate swivel

  • Relatively small, powerful rig

  • Multi-purpose sonic rig

  • High quality samples

The CompactRotoSonic XL140 is a high-performance sonic drill, equipped with a CompactRotoSonic drill head. This drilling rig is a smaller version than the DUO versions and than the CRS XL170. The CRS XL140 may be more compact in size, but it is still a very powerful sonic drilling machine. Despite its smaller size, it delivers all the power you need for the many applications for which this machine is suitable. 
With the CRS XL140, you get maximum power in small spaces thanks to its great manoeuvrability. The machine is therefore multi-purpose. The machine is suitable, for example, for taking mineral samples. Furthermore, you can use the machine for Environmental exploration, Geotechnical sampling and testing, Geo-construction drilling and Seismic drilling. If you want to know more about this machine, please contact our experts. An extensive specifications sheet is also available for download.
There are also several options available for this drilling machine:
  • SPX40 hose pump 114 l/min @ 10 bar 30 gpm @ 145 psi
  • Steel tracks or rubber pads
  • Triple floatable clamp 800 mm 32”
  • ManipAll 200 (magnetic rod loading arm) or MainpAll 250
  • Safety cage
  • Slewable, extendable jibboom with wireline, 200 m / 656’
  • Fully remote controlled

Maximum frequency
Sonic vibration oscillator output force
Rotation torque clockwise
Rotation torque counter clockwise
Torque/speed to select from
Air/mud swivel, inlet available
Pull up force
Pull down

0-150 Hz
150 kN
2,650 Nm @ 185 bar
3,000 Nm @ 210 bar
450 Nm @ 840 rpm to 5,600 Nm @ 65 rpm
35 millimeter
100 kN
68 kN

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