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TD Diver

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The TD-Diver is acknowledged as the most reliable instrument for the autonomous measuring and recording of groundwater level and temperature. It's available in the following pressure ranges: 10 m, 20 m, 50 m and 100 m.

  • Cost-effective frequent, long-term measuring

  • Easy installation in almost every well

  • With 72,000 records, you can record a sample every 15 minutes for over 2 years

  • Easy to connect to SDI-12 or Modbus protocols

  • Reliable and accurate data

  • Low maintenance, no user calibration

The TD-Diver is a compact groundwater monitoring instrument for the continuous and autonomous measuring of level and temperature in groundwater, surface water, and industrial waters. This model succeeds the mini-Diver and offers a completely new design, which combines over 75 years of groundwater monitoring experience with the latest technology available in the market today. 

The instrument samples pressure and temperature at fixed length intervals and stores these values in fixed length or continuous memory. For each measurement, the TD-Diver registers the date and time, groundwater level, and temperature. The data collected can be used to manage water resources, estimate hydraulic conductivity and other aquifer conditions. 


This easy-to-use datalogger features state-of-the-art electronics and a robust high-precision pressure sensor for long-term accuracy. The absolute pressure sensor requires minimal maintenance and re-calibration.

The datalogger is housed in a stainless steel cylindrical casing, with a suspension eye at the top. The suspension eye can be unscrewed and is designed to install the Diver into the monitoring well and protect the optical connector. The electronics, sensors and battery are maintenance-free and installed into the casing. The Diver is not designed to be opened.

Its internal memory of 72,000 measurements per parameter provides sufficient capacity to perform one measurement every 15 minutes for over 2 years. Connect the diver to a modem to transmit collected data directly from the field to your data centre.

  • Compact size: diameter of 22 mm and length of 110 mm

  • Memory: 72,000 records of time stamp, pressure and temperature with back-up of 72,000 records

  • 30-Point Pressure Factory Calibration

  • Corrosion-proof ceramic pressure sensor

  • Continuous and fixed length memory

Special software is available for the Divers. Download via WeTransfer

Available variations

  • Range 10 metre, accuracy 0.05%/10m, resolution 0.06 cmH2O

  • Range 20 metre, accuracy 0.05%/20m, resolution 0.09 cmH2O

  • Range 50 metre, accuracy 0.05%/50m, resolution 0.19 cmH2O

  • Range 100 metre, accuracy 0.05%/100m, resolution 0.36 cmH2O


  • Geohydrological research

  • Water quantity research

  • Monitoring water quality

  • Long-term water level monitoring 

  • Groundwater monitoring projects


Battery life

Data storage capacity 

Operating temperature

Product material 

Sample interval

Temperature compensation


8-10 years

72,000 measurements (with 72,000 backup) continuous and fixed length memory

0℃ - 50℃

Stainless steel housing, ceramic pressure sensor

0.5 seconds to 99 hours

0 - 40°C

104 g

TD Divr
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