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Compact Roto Sonic V


The CompactRotoSonic Crawler is is a drilling rig built to perform under many working conditions, which makes it multi-purpose. Its stability and rigidity optimise the power of the CompactRotoSonic drill head. Thanks to its compact size, the Drilling Rig is easy to manoeuvre and excels in small spaces.

  • Separate swivel

  • Great manoeuvrability

  • Can be used for various applications

  • Tooling diameter between 38-203 millimetre

The CompactRotoSonic Crawler is a drilling machine that can operate under different working conditions. Its stability and rigidity optimise the power of the CompactRotoSonic drill head. This drilling rig excels in smaller spaces because it is so manoeuvrable.
This drilling rig features the drill head which allows simultaneous rotation and vibration. A separate swivel allows for liquid, foam or air assisted drilling. This makes the rig suitable for various applications such as Mineral sampling, Environmental exploration, Geotechnical sampling and testing, Geo-constructional drilling, Seismic drilling. We also offer customised solutions. For all specifications, please download the specifications sheet.
Options available: 
  • SPT auto drop hammer with blow counter on control panel
  • Mud pump triplex piston
  • SPX40 hose pump
  • Safety cage
  • Triple foot clamp (fixed or floating)
  • ManipAll 200 (magnetic rod loading arm)
  • Casing or drill rod storage depends on diameter and length
  • Rotatable jibboom with second winch

Maximum Frequency
Sonic vibration oscillator output force
Rotation torque clockwise
Rotation torque counter clockwise
Working lights
Pull up
Pull down
Pull up and down speed
Clamping force
Break out torque

0-150 Hz
150 kN
2.650 Nm @ 185 bar
3.000 Nm @ 210 bar
4 x
80 kN
65 kN
30 metre/minute
94 kN
26.5 kNm

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