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Air Permeameter for Soil

Air Permeameter for Soil

SKU: 0865

Air permeameter to measure and register the air permeability of soil and soil samples in the laboratory. Complete instrument with 3 flow meters for laboratory measurements, including exchangeable sample holder and pressure regulator.

  • Easy manual operation
  • Proven accurate measurement principle
  • For multiple sample sizes, using the fast-exchange sample holder
  • Sample sizes: Ø 53x50 h 51 mm; Ø 0x56 h 40.5 mm and Ø 103x100 h 30 mm
  • Excellent price-quality ration
  • Developed in cooperation with Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel



Air permeability is the property of the soil pore system that allows air to flow through. The air permeameter apparatus measures this permeability, or conductance, of an (undisturbed) soil sample. Suitable for sample sizes Ø 53x50 h 51 mm, Ø 0x56 h 40.5 mm, and Ø 103x100 h 30 mm.


  • Erosion, drainage, irrigation
  • Geo-Hydrologic research
  • Environmental research
  • Basic material research

User groups

  • Research institutes
  • Educational institutes
  • Laboratories
  • Universities

The apparatus was developed in cooperation with Christian Albrechts University Kiel in Germany, a leading institution in soil compaction research. Read the interview with Prof. Horn of Kiel University for more information. 

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