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Bailer Sampler Set - 1000ml

Bailer Sampler Set - 1000ml

SKU: 1204SB

This bailer sampler set, 1000 ml is developed to sample water (or other liquids) at any required depth. The sampler is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and minimises cross contamination.

  • Sampling at any depth
  • Ø 45 millimetres
  • Simple operation, light and compact transportable
  • Sampling can be executed in open water, tanks, basins or monitoring wells
  • Easy to clean



The bailer sampler consists of a stainless-steel tube with a diameter of 45 millimetres and a content of 1000 millilitres. This bailer sampler is light, compact and easy to transport. High grade material minimises contamination of the sample. 

You can easily operate it and take samples at any depth of water or other liquid substances. The sampler is open at the top and has a fixed cap at the bottom. A ball check valve is fitted in the bottom. Once the sampler is lowered into the fluid, it can be lifted again.

To ensure proper replacement of the contents during the lowering process, the sampler shall be lifted several times by half a metre. By using the emptying device that is included, there will be less volatilisation, turbulence and oxidation when emptying the sampler. Please note that the sampler is not fitted for LNAPL or DNAPL determinations.


  • Sampling can be executed in open water, tanks, basins or monitoring wells 
  • The samples can be used for chemical-, biological- and/or bacteriological analysis
  • Sampling at any required depth, depending on the length of the measuring tape or the PTFE coated cable  

Set contains

  • Bailer sampler, stainless steel 
  • Emptying device, stainless steel 
  • Measuring tape, 20 metres, glass fiber (other length available) 
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