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Bailer - Stainless Steel

Bailer - Stainless Steel

This Bailer of high quality stainless steel is available with a stainless steel valve and with a plastic valve. The bailer is available in various diameters.

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Effective length of 75 cm
  • With bayonet connection


The bailer allows you to take relatively clean samples. The bailer consists of an open, stainless steel tube with a specially shaped opening at the bottom. The opening is closed by a stainless steel or synthetic valve. The stainless steel valve is more sensitive than the synthetic valve during pulsing. The plastic valve is more flexible towards fine gravel. The valve can be opened to a maximum angle of approximately 45°. With a diameter of 55 or 63 mm, the bailer has some leeway within the drill pipe.

The bailer has a bayonet connection. This allows you to connect various extension rods to your bailer. Because the bayonet connection is hinged, the bailer can be released without disconnecting the extension rods

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