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Hand Bailer Auger Set - Bayonet Connection, Standard

Hand Bailer Auger Set - Bayonet Connection, Standard

SKU: 0112SA

Bailer auger set for hand-operated augerings, as well as the installation of sampling and monitoring wells, up to 7 metres depth in heterogeneous soils.

  • Augering up to 7 metres depth
  • Bayonet connection allows fast and simple exchange of rods and auger heads
  • Installation of sampling and monitoring wells at shallow depths
  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above and below groundwater table in cohesive soils


The hand operated bailer auger set comprises a 60 centimetres handle with synthetic, detachable grip and different auger types with a diameter of 7 and 10 centimetres. All with a bayonet connection.

This auger set is used to carry out manual drilling, sampling and investigation (e.g. soil horizon, geology and archaeology) in a variety of soils. The casing tubes prevent the borehole from collapsing during drilling under the groundwater level or in non-cohesive soils. The bailer makes it possible to collect and remove loose material by moving it rapidly up and down. The auger can be extended with more rods and casings, and can be combined with the longer piston sampler. 


  • Soil profile description and classification 
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table 
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table 
  • Environmental soil research 
  • Monitoring well installation 
  • Geohydrological research 

Set contains

  • Various types of soil augers to reach groundwater level
  • Augers for extraction of less-disturbed soil samples
  • Extension rods
  • Augering handle
  • Synthetic casing tubes with steel screw thread sockets
  • Tube clamps
  • Bailers
  • Casing tube platforms for more ergonomic working space
  • Spare parts
  • Various accessories
  • Aluminium transport cases
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