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HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro

HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro

Soil moisture sensor SDI-12 Pro, with cable in varying lengths for fixed installation.

  • Measure soil moisture, temperature and salinity
  • Continuous accuracy without calibration
  • Accurate across different locations, soil types, moisture range and seasons
  • 10 year warranty and fully potted components
  • Compatible with any SDI-12 capable data logger - no setup required



The HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro is a rugged soil moisture sensor for long term monitoring that measures moisture, temperature and salinity. It can measure soil moisture sensor in all soils, in the range from completely dry to fully saturated, with an accuracy of accuracy +/- 0.01 WFV. 

The temperature range is -10°C to 60°C, with a measurement accuracy 0.3°C. The information can be read out with a data logger. 


If you want to measure both soil moisture, temperature, and salinity, the HydraProbe Pro is your best choice. For moisture and temperature only the HydraProbe Standard can be used. 

The following variations in cable length are available:

  • 14.28.11 HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro, 7.5 metre cable
  • 14.28.12 HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro, 15 metre cable
  • 14.28.13 HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro, 30 metre cable 

Read-out unit

To get immediate readings of the current measurement conditions from your HydraProbe sensor, you can opt for the complete set with read-out unit. The handheld read-out unit reads data from HydraProbes and displays the volumetric moisture content as a percentage. It features a large display window in a robust weather resistant casing.

  • 14.28.SB HydraProbe Pro with SDI-12 read-out unit and 7.5 metre cable
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