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Penetrograph Standard Set - to 80cm

Penetrograph Standard Set - to 80cm

SKU: 0602

With the Penetrograph standard set you determine the penetration resistance of the soil to a depth of 80 centimetres. The set is extensive, making it suitable for various applications.

  • Writes obtained force data with depth on chart
  • Will perfectly show disturbing layers
  • Will proof compaction situation
  • Weatherproof charts 
  • One-push measurement 

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The Penetrograph is a unique devise for determination of the penetration resistance (bearing capacity) and compaction of a soil. This device is unique, because it writes the measured forces in relation to the depth directly as a graph on a chart. The measuring range of the penetrograph goes up to 5000 kN/m2 (= 5 MPa) and the device is suitable for measurements up to a depth of 80 centimetre.

The standard set includes various penetration cones, probe rods and special pens and graph paper for the recorder. The entire set, including spare parts, manual, cone check and tools, is supplied in an aluminium carrying and transport case. Each penetrograph is provided with a quality test report. Our penetrograph is suitable for many applications.


  • Geotechnical soil research 
  • Trafficability or load bearing capacity research (e.g., construction sites) 
  • Checking artificial compaction of the soil (road constructions) 
  • Research the growing conditions of plants in the soil 
  • Tracing compacted layers in the soil (plow sole) 

Set contains

  • Penetrograph 
  • Different cones (4 pieces)
  • Types of probe rods (2 pieces)
  • Registration chards 
  • Recording pens 
  • Accessories 
  • Transport case 

Do you have any questions or would you like to see all the specifications? Download the specification sheet or contact our specialist

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