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Peristaltic Pump - 12 VDC Advanced

Peristaltic Pump - 12 VDC Advanced

SKU: 1235SB

The peristaltic pump, 12 VDC advanced is a battery-powered field pump, used for water sampling. This pump has a suction head up to 6-9 metres.

  • No cross contamination: exchangeable tubing 
  • Pumps air as well as water 
  • Samples all wells with water tables < 9 metres 
  • Pumps 2 litres per minute
  • Pressure allows perfect on-site 0.45 micron filtration 



With the 12 VDC Advanced peristaltic pump, water can be pumped from a depth of up to 9 metres. This peristaltic pump is suitable for sampling and purging of monitoring wells for several hours continuously with the low-flow pumping method. By using the filter holder or 0.45 micron disposable filters for removal of soil particles from water samples, in-line filtration for sampling of groundwater can be done. 

Connect the impeller pumps (art. 12.12.SA) to the peristaltic pump and you will able to pump large quantities of water out of monitoring wells, for instance during well development after they have just been placed.  

Product details
This peristaltic pump is controlled by a microprocessor which provides adjustable constant speed, overload protection and various external control functions. A built-in maintenance-free 12 Volt lithium-ion battery (10 Ah) makes it possible to use the pump in the field, for two to five hours at a time (depending on the load). Use more than one peristaltic pump to save time. The housing is the highest degree splash-proof (IP 66) and can function safely and without problems in the field. 


  • Environmental soil research
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Water quality research
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Anaerobe sampling
  • Water sampling
  • Ground water sampling 
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