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Sandbox for PF Determination

Sandbox for PF Determination

SKU: 0801

Determine the pF value of your soil samples with this determination sandbox set. It can hold up to 40 soil sample rings, which allows for large scale measurements, and uses undisturbed samples of 53 or 60 mm in diameter.

  • Determination of the wettest part of the pF-curve
  • 40 sample holders allow for large scale research
  • The large number of samples is great for effective averaging
  • Set-up can be used over and over for years
  • No consumables
  • Comprehensive photo manual for easy set-up



The standard set for pF-determination of pF-curve 0 to 2.0 (0 - 0.1 bar) contains:

  • Sandbox with control panel
  • Suction levelling stand
  • Water supply bottle with stand
  • Filter cloth (140-150 micron)
  • Containers with synthetic sand (grain size approximately 73 micron)
  • Various accessories

Additional requirements

For correct use of the sandbox a soil sample ring kit is required, as well as cases with soil sample rings and aluminium soil sample boxes. The laboratory should be equipped with a balance and a drying oven. The table on which the instrument is placed should be level and isolated against vibration. 

Determination process

The sandbox is filled with water and synthetic sand (the sand should not contain any air- or water pockets). Once everything has been set up according to the operating instructions, the saturated samples in the soil sample rings can be placed in the sandbox. The moisture tension is then determined of the completely saturated sample. Next, increasing suction is applied at intervals. Weighing the sample each time after the balance is set again provides the moisture content for each moisture tension.


  • Soil physical laboratory research
  • pF determination in the lab
  • Irrigation research

If the sandbox is inundated with water after each test, it can remain in operation during several years. A copper ring helps to prevents algal growth.

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