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Tensiometer Set - to a Depth of 90cm

Tensiometer Set - to a Depth of 90cm

SKU: 1404

Complete standard set with different types of high quality tensiometers, suitable for multiple measurements. With this set you can do measurements up to a depth of 90 centimetre.

  • Direct read out of plant water stress 
  • Set perfect for schools and horticulturalists 
  • Simple installation
  • Exchangeable porous ceramic cups 
  • Simple purely physical operating principle 



This multi-functional Tensiometer set can be applied to execute different research with various types of tensiometers up to a depth of 90 centimetre. Following are included: 

  • The Jet-fill tensiometer features the Jet Fill reservoir for push-button convenience and minimisation of soil disturbance when servicing is required. 
  • The Quick draw tensiometer is designed for portable field use. It responds quickly and equilibrates rapidly with the tension in the soil, providing measurements within a few minutes. A proprietary Soil Coring Tool is included. 

The measuring values are read form the manometer. Besides the different types of tensiometers in various length, the set also includes a service kit, a gouge auger with extension rod and cleaning spatula. 


  • Soil moisture sensing 
  • Soil water retention 
  • Irrigation management 
  • Soil physics 

Set contains

  • "Jet-fill" tensiometers (6 pieces) in 30, 60, & 90 centimetres length (2 pieces each) 
  • "Quick Draw" tensiometer (1 piece)
  • Service kit 
  • Spare ceramic tips (3 pieces)
  • Spare tips for Quick Draw tensiometer (2 pieces)
  • Installation gouge auger (extendable) with extension, handle & spanners 
  • Spatula 
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